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About Lauryn Lavandula

I am here to teach you about the language of your body, so that you may come home to yourself & your true nature.

Your essence is naturally wise, wild & free! 

My mission is to help you clear away your non-serving programming, in order to reveal, heal & fall wildly in love with your magical self.  All the while aligning you with your deep body wisdom & inner guidance, to connect with your passion & purpose.

My passions and offerings revolve around awakening the heart, cultivating more love, joy and empowerment through deep inner listening.

I combine a unique blend of different healing modalities, embodiment practices, coaching and therapeutic techniques to help support you in reconnecting to your heart, your higher self and living your best life! 

My Journey

I founded Arise Alchemy in 2014 to support individuals in healing through movement & herbal goodies. It has since evolved in many ways!


I am a healer, coach, Yogi, dancer, nature mama, herbalist, EXPLORER, tantrika, lover to all & facilitator of deeply transformational spaces.

Since I was a young child, I always felt a deeper connection to something "beyond" what my eyes could see and what I was told.

I felt an unexplainable support and a love, even in the most challenging times.

My internal compass always knowing which way to go.

I picked up my first psychology book at age 12 ( on my grandmothers book shelf, from when she went to college back in the 60s-70s) and I read my first self-help book at the age of 13. The book sat on the coffee table in the basement that was never read, called, The Seven Secrets of Success by Wayne Dyer, who I have considered to be a "spiritual Grandpa" of mine ever since. 

My spiritual path has been unfolding ever since I can remember and I have spent most of my late teens and all of my twenties profoundly dedicated to my spiritual path and practices.

As a child I found dance to be my medicine. I tried sports but did not find that much joy in them. I liked fitness and gymnastics, which eventually led to me to discover Yoga when I was 16, which spiraled me onto a deeper path of spiritual connection and awakening.

I had a time where my spiritual path felt more of a whisper in the background, as I got carried away in the third dimensional reality.

This was the catalyst that would usher me to uncover and rediscover, my hearts true callings and purpose!

My angels and guides steered me towards the people, places and things that would ignite my fire again. My studies veered towards coaching/counseling, shamanism, sacred dance, sound healing, plant medicines, kundalini Yoga, tantra and divine sexuality. The list goes on.

I followed every call, to lead me to where I am today.

I have loved every step of the way, even the messy parts, once I learned to see the gifts in all of it.


The journey of mind, body and soul connection, lead me to profound healing and transformation that I now offer in devotion and service to helping others on their healing journey of empowerment and self-love.


I have spent many years traveling the world and expanding my consciousness.

On and off, I have spent the last 6 years teaching classes and workshops consisting of Yoga, healing dance, spiritual practices and wisdom, all around self-love, which contributes to the greater good of all, & facilitating 1:1 & group spaces.

I have also spent time offering sound healing sessions and sound baths.

I began my coaching business 4 years ago and I have been loving it and evolving it ever since. 

A few years ago, I discovered my passion for motivational speaking! 

A philosophy that leads my life, is one of sacred reciprocity. To keep it simple, the act of living an intentional life from moment to moment and working everyday to be in right relation with all of life and creation. To notice that in any moment, the ordinary can become extraordinary by offering the gift of our presence. In turn we receive the gift of appreciating this life, and life being experienced through us. As a human being, this is an ongoing endeavor and I will continue to make the choice to show up in this way.

Lauryn Lavandula's Credentials:

B.S. in Psychology

300 Hour Authentic Movements Yoga Teacher

Authentic Leadership Program Certified

200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher 

Certified Mystical Dance Teacher

Certified Buti Yoga Instructor  

Certified Professional Herbalist 

Certified Sexuality Coach

Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach 

Certified ThetaHealer™ Basic DNA 1&2

150+ Training Hours Studied at Globe Institute of Sound Healing & Consciousness

75+ Training Hours Studied w/ Dancing Freedom

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