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White Flowers

“When I first reached out to Lauryn about a year ago, I had hit rock bottom. The neurological patterns formed through adolescent conditioning had been driving me for 4 decades. By the time I connected with Lauryn I was in unspeakable physical pain, in a wheelchair and still running on the same destructive programs.
In just the first 3 months of working with Lauryn I made profound improvements both physically and psychologically. For each session, Lauryn brought a structure but also the flexibility to meet me where I was in that particular moment. Bit by bit, we began the process of shifting long-rooted patterns. Many times these changes were brought forward through profound insights elicited through our work. Most often though, it was through the simplest of practices delivered in a way I could connect to and in a sequence that slowly began to gather momentum. Lauryn introduced so many new ‘multi-tools’ to my toolbox that it became extremely rare for me to encounter a problem for which I lacked the resources to quickly resolve.
The second 3 month session we shared enabled us to build on the new baseline of well-being established in our first sessions while allowing for an expanded awareness of my personal power and how this could be channeled into discovering my soul’s ecological niche. I truly never fathomed that I could work through so much dysfunctional conditioning in such a short amount of time. It was deep and challenging work but Lauryn always knew when to bring in light.
For the past two decades I have remarked to friends and family that I would need to relocate to a monastery in Northern Thailand  for a few years in order to rewire myself. Well, Lauryn came to me through zoom into the comfort of my own home and helped lift me to a place that far exceeds even those expectations I had of rewiring from years spent in a monastery. I truly cannot say enough how impactful Lauryn has been in me reclaiming my life.”
David Wallis, Business Owner & Traveler, Peru

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