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 Embody the True You Mentorship

4 & 8 Month Deep Dive Initiation of Embodied Healing & Liberation

Sweet one... Welcome! 


I am so glad you are here!

You are right on time.

Take a moment, to take a deep breath, to drop into your body, into this moment.

Does one of the following feel like you...


You had a spiritual Awakening, AMAZING!... what now?

You are in one of your greatest life transitions... how will you move forward when you are in the unknown?  

You just finished the epic life-changing program but know you still have some personal work to do, to bridge the gaps of your offering and how you wish to show up...

You have been on the spiritual path for awhile and feel like something is missing...

Wishing someone had taught you how to parent yourself...

Know that something isn't working but you aren't sure what...

Been feeling unfulfilled by your relationships..

Now I ask you...

What is your HIGHEST & most ALIVE vision you have for your life?

No matter how big or small- there are no wrong answers...


I invite you right now, to visualize your life with abundance...

Where you feel deep states of joy, surrender, peace & freedom...

Where you are expressing your Truth, inspiration & gifts… 

Where you love what you do and how you show up for yourself & others.


Where you are fully living your best life... 

Even if it is quite simple or ordinary...

A true sense of fulfillment..

Feeling truly at peace & in gratitude no matter what life throws your way.



My spiritual journey began at a young age and I have devoted my life to being the best version of myself and a catalyst for positive transformation, for others to do the same.

Through every trail & tribulation, I carry the torch now for others.

I did not aways have the skills and tools that I do now and that is why I love sharing them with you! 

The journey of healing and awakening to next levels of consciousness and growth, no matter how uncomfortable, get to be more smooth, even laughable and enjoyable too! 

If you are here... it is no accident.

My mentorship is designed for the soulful individual that is ready to tap into more expansive consciousness & evolution in their personal lives. To live with more love, Truth & freedom.

I know it feels like something has to change!


I have created this deeply, rapid journey of transformation for YOU!

My mentorship was designed to guide you, as you heal disconnection, through embodying self-love, personal power, & deep nurturance.

To teach you tools to stay grounded, support your nervous system & amplify your LIFE FORCE ENERGY!

To live more in a state of flow, ease & divine guidance.


You may sometimes notice feeling one or some of the following...

Overloaded/overwhelmed/ burned-out


Low Energy



Needing more!/Incomplete

Lacking clarity & focus

Living on Repeat

Struggling in relationships

Super sensitive


Lone-wolf status

Disconnected from yourself & others

Detached from Nature & Spirit

Consumed by technology

Imbalanced in your life

Desiring Self-care



Even bigger, you may be experiencing physical disharmony or ailments that are here to teach you about where you have been disconnected from yourself & your Truth. 

I feel you love, I have been there too!


It is time to take your power back. 

Time for a REFRAME on your reality.

New beginnings.


Collapse time & expedite the process of growth 

Have fun together! 

Make leaps & transformation easier

A Coach creates the space for you

Offers/teaches tools

Teaches Principles & Practices

Energetic calibration

Lights your soul on fire 

Helps you believe in yourself

Offers reflections

Sees your blind spots

Asks the hard questions 

Offers guidance

Hold you to your absolute highest 


And you’re the one who does the deepest work, that only you can truly do!!!

Mentorship is my absolute favorite! 

I have created my signature program EMBODY THE TRUE YOU MENTORSHIP just for you

So that you may fall wildly, in love with yourself & your life as it is unfolding, every single day.

So that you may feel inspired (in-spirit), connected & guided from within.

>>>>>We will work with many different healing modalities and practical tools, to support your deeper awakening, your inner children, your unique soul expression, abundance consciousness, increase your creativity, develop your emotional intelligence, clear old programs, restore your life-force energy &  innocence & so much more...

Are you ready to...

EMBRACE & love all parts of yourself 110%?

Lead yourself & life confidently ?

To learn from the medicine that you carry from your life experiences?

Go through a deep initiation, healing & purification process, where you integrate past traumas and liberate your inner children & wounded parts?

Learn the gems from those challenging life reflections?

Release fear & depression, by choosing LOVE & EXPRESSION?

Would you like to feel more embodied, playful & alive as you dance your way through life?​

In this program, I combine a unique blend of mentoring/coaching, spiritual development/practices, energy work & somatic healing to assist you in your personal evolution and metamorphosis. 

We cover everything from:

→Limiting beliefs, MINDSET + EMBODIMENT

→Energetic Alignment

→Inner-child connection

→Introductory Human Design Experience

→Balancing inner masculine & feminine


→Healing relationships

→Holistic Health & lifestyle choices

→Archetypal Energies

→Connecting with SOURCE (higher power)

→Uncovering your souls true calling

→Learn the language of your body & the universe (both in constant communication w/ us)

→How to start/grow your business/create for fun! 

→How to re-wild yourself and heal through your connection to nature

→Healthy boundaries


→Energetic Hygiene


This program may be a good fit for you if you desire to:

-Feel the MAGIC & TRUST in life again, guided by spirit/intuition/inner-knowing.

-Prioritize yourself & your bigger visions, with more energy, motivation, clarity & inspiration.

-Slow down, to experience life to the fullest from a place of relaxation & pleasure. 

-Have more time to do what you love & spend time with those you care about

-Gain spiritual tools & energetic practices that make you feel more like yourself> to come back to as often as needed & tools share with your clients

-Feel empowered by tapping into your raw, wild Truth & essence ...creative life-force power, while feeling confident & safe to trust yourself & intuition> no more second guessing!

-Harmonize your relationships & attract the relationships & like-hearted communities you desire to be apart of 

-Live a life of mastery & personal freedom

-Experience more wealth consciousness, expand your creativity, grow your business.

-Step up as a healer/leader & claim your magic & gifts

This mentorship may also be a good fit, if you answer yes to any of these...

-Do you feel lack of support or feel alone on your healing path?

-Would you like help or inspiration in your business/creative endeavors?

-Do you love to explore, learn & experience new things?

-Are ready to stop feeling stuck or victim to your circumstances, by making excuses like 'when X happens, then I will do Y' ?

-Do you know in your heart of hearts that you want to work on your healing & spiritual path in a sacred, alchemical mentorship?

-Are you ready to commit, devote & invest your time, energy & resources to your best life yet?

Tap below to apply for a complimentary call. Lets get to know each other & see if we are aligned.

I would so love to drop in with you! 

xO, Lauryn


Esra Seniz,
Licensed Massage Therapist, Maryland   

"When I began working with Lauryn I came to her in a time of desperation. I felt so lost and felt like I was constantly drowning in my heavy emotions. I had felt very lost and sad for a long time and I knew I needed to do something to change. At that moment I could never of guessed that working with Lauryn was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. I was seriously lacking any direction and feelings of self worth and doubt constantly bubbled to the surface. The transformation I have felt since working with Lauryn for the past three months is nothing short of spectacular. I used to dread getting up everyday and now I am excited for life and everything I have to offer this world. I always felt safe being vulnerable and opening up to Lauryn due to her enormous amount of compassion and understanding. Lauryn specifically tailored our sessions to what I needed at that moment and was never judgmental or dismissive. Lauryns gentle nature was perfectly balanced with her no nonsense attitude as well; I was always held accountable for doing the work outside of our sessions which ultimately helped me grow the most. The way my life has been unfolding in these past three months to bigger and better things has proven to me that this work really works if you work it. I will be forever grateful for everything I have learned and the tools Lauryn has provided me for life to continue on my journey. "


Megan Kramer,
Yogini, Healer & Group Facilitator,New Jersey

"The Embody the True You Mentorship was an incredible life altering experience. I was seeking guidance in launching a spiritual business and getting into alignment with my true purpose and calling and Lauryn was an incredible reflection to my journey. Her techniques and love were both in alignment with the highest source. Since I started working with Lauryn, I dig deep in healing old patterns and blockages. I got many offers to start collaborating on programs for different places and events. I am finally taking action on forming my poetry book and I’ve opened my heart and created a sacred self-care practice that has brought so much alignment to my life. Lauryn is the definition of living through the heart and was always patient with me directing me to more of myself and my mission here on earth. I have completely transformed into a better version of me through this program and I am extremely grateful for this experience with her! What a pure authentic loving human I was blessed in crossing paths with! If your feeling the pull to dive deep, heal old patterns and live more through the heart, I suggest taking the leap and working with Lauryn! I can’t wait for what the future holds for her and to watch her journey unfold within every wave of life!"


Blaire Kabernagel,
R.N. & Networking Project Manager, L.A. California

"When I made the decision to embark on the 12 week journey with Lauryn as my guide I had no idea what to expect. What I did know was that my soul and spirit were floundering. I have always been weary of seeking out or accepting help when it comes to the more personal and emotional aspects of life but let me tell you that this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Lauryn is one of the most powerful, kind, and loving souls I have ever known. The wisdom she holds brings light to every crevice of darkness. She will share this wisdom with you. Lauryn has helped me to transform the way I see  the world. She has provided me with the tools necessary to walk through this world with confidence, power, grace, acceptance and love. By using multidimensional healing modalities to bring you closer to yourself, Lauryn has, in a way, introduced me to myself. She has helped me learn not only to love myself, but has shown me what it means to care for my body, soul and spirit. Lauryn works together with you to set personal goals at the beginning of your journey. She has a way of holding you accountable for your words and actions without judgment. Together you will reevaluate your goals and intentions weekly and again at the end of the 12 weeks. When I look at where I was when Lauryn and I started working together, it is a whirlwind of difference. The progress I have made and the opportunities that have been presented to me during this time are evidence of the work we have been doing. I have been so happy with my progress with Lauryn that I decided to embark on another 12 week journey!! If youre looking to step further into your divine power, to accomplish the dreams that hover seemingly out of reach, its time for you to board the train. An epic journey awaits you!"

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