Embody the True You Mentorship

3 or 6 Month Deep Dive Journey of Embodied Healing & Liberation

Sweet one... Welcome! 

I have created this deeply, rapid journey of transformation to support your pleasure, play, passions & purpose.

This mentorship was designed to amplify your awakening & empower your healing path.

To magnify your RADIANCE & CREATIVE LIFE FORCE ENERGY, that flows through you!

You are here to create ripples that effect the quantum field and cosmic web, simply by your being.

Have you experienced feeling like your wheels are stuck in the mud?  Not really getting anywhere. 

Feeling lack-luster & wondering where the vibrancy is at?

Has it caused you to feel frustrated, overwhelmed or like you are wasting your precious life?

Do you know in your heart you are craving more, but not really sure what to do next?

Are you tired of second guessing yourself & choices?

Has it left you feeling scattered & directionless?

In this signature program, we will focus on the 4 Pillars of purpose>>> 

1.Spiritual- deep soul work

2.Material- manifestation & creation

3.Service- your unique offering to the world

4.Passion- what lights you up! 

*These pillars are guiding lights, to build a strong foundation of your authentic path & purpose! 

With purity, clarity, intention & laser focus, you can train yourself to be your own masterful co-creater with source, for the greater good of all.

And you can feel beautiful, sensual, playful & have fun while doing it!

Though this is a program, I tailor each session specifically to your needs...

So that you may fall wildly, in love with yourself & your beautiful path unfolding, every single day.

>>>>>We will work with many different healing modalities, to support your wild feminine awakening, your inner child, your sensual soul expression, manifestation & wealth consciousness, increasing your creativity, emotional intelligence work, clearing old programs, rebirthing your sexual energy & erotic innocence & so much more...

All so that you may feel free, radiant, confident, juicy, peaceful & purposeful, as you align with your highest path.

This program may be a good fit for you if:

You desire to...

-Prioritize yourself & your big visions, with more energy, motivation & inspiration

-Slow down, to experience more pleasure & fully come alive each day

-Have more time to do what you love & spend time with those you care about

-Gain spiritual tools & energetic practices that make you feel more like yourself> to come back to as often as needed & tools share with your clients

-Feel empowered by tapping into your raw, wild, feminine essence... sexual/sensual, creative life-force power & erotic intelligence, while feeling confident & safe to trust yourself & intuition> no more second guessing!

-Harmonize your relationships & attract the relationships & like-hearted communities you desire to be apart of 

-Live a life of mastery & personal freedom

-Experience more wealth consciousness & expand your business or perhaps get yours off the ground! 

-Step up as a healer/leader & claim your magic & gifts

This mentorship may also be a good fit, if you answer yes to any of these...

-Do you feel lack of support or feel alone on your healing path?

-Would you like help or inspiration in your business?

-Do you love to explore, learn & experience new things?

-Are ready to stop feeling stuck or victim to your circumstances, by making excuses like 'when X happens, then I will do Y' ?

-Do you know in your heart of hearts that you want to work on your healing & spiritual path in a sacred, alchemical mentorship?

-Are you ready to commit, devote & invest your time, energy & resources to your best life yet?

Click the link below for a complimentary call & lets see if we are good fit!