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Welcome to Arise Alchemy, I am Lauryn Lavandula.

Spiritual Life Coach & Embodiment Mentor

My mission at Arise Alchemy is to support you in connecting more deeply with your truest and most authentic self & expression.


True liberation.

To live from your deep knowing within, to have tools to help you reconnect with yourself... in a world that demands so much of you, constantly asking you to look outside of yourself for the answers or the next thing.

It is time to come home to yourself, for you are the one you have to live with 100% of the time.

In the thousands of micro decisions throughout the day, the journey of true peace and liberation, is determined by your ability to self-attune and regulate your Nervous System...

To honor your true YES and true NO, in any moment.
Finding your True North from your inner compass, as you continuously navigate towards your heart.

This frees you, so that you are not controlled by unconscious old repeat patterns that continue to yield the same results & struggles. 

Your body is the way.

Learning its language is crucial during these times, now more than ever.

Through deep listening and honoring...

YOU will be guided as you uncover the ways of communication and wisdom from your body.

As divine souls, having a human experience, at the core, the wounds are all the same.

With the proper tools & guidance, you too can find your way within and align with deep inner listening & knowing.

Yes deep wisdom lies within you too.

I see you beautiful soul, I know you are ready for more! 

With love & adoration,
Lauryn Lavandula


Private Mentorship

My private 1:1 mentorship, Embody the True You, is the most profound way to currently work with me.

A four month deep dive journey & initiation into your personal empowerment.


Whether you are looking to up-level your day to day life, relationships or business, I am here to support in living your best life in every way. Mind, body & spirit.

Click the link above to find out more info or tap the button below to apply to work with me at Arise Alchemy!  


Be the change

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