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As a coach, healer, mover and shaker, with child-like energy and a wise old soul, I came to this planet with a great mission to help you reach your fullest potential and divine light in this lifetime. I came here to help you AWAKEN to your hearts true calling and to remember who YOU truly are. As you wake up to your passions and purpose, the rest of the world can do the same and we can transform the world into a brighter place. True change begins within, it is time to be the change you wish to see!

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Empowerment with Lauryn Lavandula

True Power Comes from Within

Do you feel stuck? Are you ready to make changes but do not no where to begin? Or make changes temporarily but have been to busy to prioritize your growth?
Part of the human experience is to know the heaviness, shadow and struggle in order to transform, learn and grow from it. To understand that it is all part of the medicine in remembering our wholeness in our journey back to the light. 
Part of my mission is to help you remember this truth as you ascend, while still empowering you with practical tools to be your own inner Guru (teacher), while living a meaningful and magical life here with Mother Earth.

Heart-Centered Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

Sensual Soul Coaching

Connection & Intimacy

Eight, 90 minute sessions, for singles or couples. Get to know yourself and/or partner more intimately. Open to more vulnerability, truth, depth and connection. This is for the open-hearted looking to explore deeper healing, passion and pleasure in all aspects of life. An exploration of sacred sexuality & sensuality for those who crave and know that there is more available within your loving relationships. A mind, body, soul approach to healing and rapid transformation. Healing & growth that can be fun!

Heal, nourish & expand! 



Embody The True YOU


3 or 6 Month

Get the Most out of Life

One on One, 90 minute weekly meetings, in our collaborative alchemical container of transformation. Tailored specifically for your unique energetic blueprint to reach your highest potential. We will look at aspects specific to your moment of birth and location through the human design, with a pinch of astrology. I combine a unique blend of therapy, coaching, energy healing and more, to assist you in your personal evolution and metamorphosis. As you learn to deepen your connection to your body's wisdom and intuition, you will begin to learn to trust yourself and connect with your higher consciousness and divine purpose.

Soul Empowerment Session

90 Minute 1:1

Guidance & Inspiration

One 90 minute session, of transformative coaching & healing to empower you and your next evolution. Allowing deeper connection to your souls true calling. 

Know yourself to grow yourself.

A mind, body, soul approach to healing and rapid transformation.

Are you craving something deeper? Are you ready to awaken that inner fire again?

Are you ready to be the inspiration & inspire others? No time to waste, let's make each day count! Time to rise into that next level of YOU. I am here to support you as you reconnect with your true self on more profound level to make SHIFT happen! 


“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of what you make of it.”

Arise- Come to light, Emerge

Alchemy- Process of transmutation (seemingly magical). Commonly used to describe the act of transforming lead (heavy, dark, rough metal), to gold ( a light, lustrous. precious, valuable metal)

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