Remembering Your Magical Self 

3 Day Free Online Training Event 

With Lauryn Lavandula

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August 14-16, 2019


An intimate training to support you on the

Journey of Soul Empowerment.

Over three fun & exciting days, we will tap into your authentic nature through self-care/self-love, energetic alignment, as well as, unlocking creative & manifesting potential.

Each day, you will learn how to:
-Cultivate a life of Gratitude, Empowerment & Confidence
-Strengthen your Intuition & access your Higher Knowing
-Tap into the powerful Manifestor & Creator that you are
-Experience more Love & Inspiration
-Be more at ease in your day to day

You will be held in my sacred container of grounded practical tools and wisdom to help you connect with your truest self.


There will also be a LIVE Q&A each day!


REPLAYS will be available after each training.  

I am so looking forward to sharing this with you!


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