Every Sunday for 8 Weeks Online Womxn's Circle

~Begins Sunday April 26th- June 14th, 2020~

Embody is back again!!!

During this especially wild time, we all need a little safe haven to come together and connect!

It is time to come back home to your True Self! 


8 Magical Weeks of fun, play, feeling, exploration, inspiration & so much more, to guide you and support in connecting more to your heart-center: mind, body, soul! 

We will explore all feelings and sensations of our body, calm the mind with presence, inspire the soul and continue to peacefully return back to the Truth of who we are and connecting with love and our heart wisdom.

This round of EMBODY will hold great emphasis on our inner child! 


EMBODY Includes :

-8 Weekly instructional, movement meditations, audio or video, from Soul & Embodiment Coach Lauryn Lavandula~ To support an at home embodiment practice into feeling into your body's wisdom.

-8 Weekly LIVE Group Mentorship Calls held over ZOOM

(60-90mins held each Sunday at 7am HST, 10am PDT. 1pm EST.)

- Journal Prompts to help support you in diving deeper into the TRUTH of who you are and your greatest visions! 

-Weekly Homeplay to keep us connected and thriving! 

- Private Facebook group for support and connect with sisters! 

-Unlimited email support and support in the facebook group over the 8 weeks.

Each week, after tuning in, I am divinely guided by all of helpers and our unique energetic make-up of our group, to best support us as a collective. It is beautiful, magical and deeply healing for us all.

I provide a comfortable, safe space to share all parts of yourself freely!

We will cover embodiment & self-love in the most sacred and beautiful ways! These are some things you can look forward to...

✨ Primal Movement 

✨ Embody your Future Self 

✨ Wholeness, through Shadow Work

✨ Moon Cycles & Natural Rhythms

✨ Sacred Breathwork 

✨ Guided Visualizations for healing & feeling


✨ Heart Opening 

✨ Connection with amazing women

✨ Personal Freedom, Trust & Surrender in our movement.

✨ Sensual truth & expression  

✨ Self Love Yoga 

✨ 5 Elements Play

✨ Welcoming all parts of ourselves & our soul!

✨ Connecting with your Truth

✨ Living your sacred prayer

✨ Following your heart & bliss map!

✨ And so much more! 

ARE YOU READY to feel held, supported and seen at this wild time of so many unknowns???



*Special* Sliding Scale Exchange Rate :


To sign-up, please pay through the Paypal link below and then join the Private Facebook Group:

If you have any questions, please email AriseAlchemy@gmail.com.

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I am so excited to dive deep with you in this next round of EMBODY!

With so much love & gratitude,