Sensual Soul Coaching

Connection & Intimacy

Do you know that something has to change in your sexual partnership?

Do you need deeper womb healing and balancing?

Would you like to feel supported, seen & heard in safe sacred space?

Would you like to finally know what your needs are and how to communicate with yourself or a partner?

Are you ready to have those needs met?!

Would you like to know more pleasure in all aspects of your life?

Are you ready to spice things up again?!

I once read, "The way you do one thing, is the way you do all things." I am must say that I believe our intimate relationships can be a great reflection of how other areas of our life are closed down and blocked off.

You may be feeling:


Low libido/sex-drive

Painful intercourse




Lack of intimate connection with yourself or partner


Disempowered in the bedroom

Like the "spark" is gone

Ready to write off sex/relationships entirely

The struggle is real!

I can totally relate.

It is my honest & humble opinion that we all need sexual healing at one point or another.

Sexual wounds run deep in the collective field, in our ancestral lineage and through societal programming from  a very young age.

It is time to transform all of that!

That is why I have created this one-on-one, Sensual Soul Coaching package where you get to work closely with me for 8 profound and exciting weeks! Each session is 90 minutes held over zoom.


A 1-1 Sensual Soul Coaching Package: 

→ HEALS you on a deep cellular level.

→ CREATES positive, alchemical transformation in your life.

→ ACTIVATES your Potential!

→ OPENS your heart.

→ CLEARS blockages.

→ INSPIRES creativity

→ ACTIVATES self-love and love for others

→ CULTIVATES a deep sense of trust


Healing that can be FUN, nourishing & expansive!

What's included in your Sensual Soul Coaching Package:


8, 90 Minute 1:1 Sessions

Unlimited Email Support

Body Mapping

Clarity Visioning

Guided Support

Energy Healing

Jade Egg Practices

Embodiment Exercises

Interactive Playful Games

Tons Of Excellent Resources

Sacred Ritual


Homeplay Challenges


Client Love

"My husband I were going through a sexual slump and could not seem to find a way out. We thought sex therapy might be the answer. My husband connected with Lauryn Lavandula of Arise Alchemy and this is where our intimate lives changed. We met with Lauryn for our initial consultation and by the end of this meeting, we knew she was the Coach for us! We had no idea just how much Lauryn’s education, insights and home plays would positively impact, not only our sex lives, but our marriage as a whole. Through this 8-week journey, my husband and I experienced increased intimacy and a rejuvenated sex life. We also learned new techniques to support effective communication. This was the best decision we could have made for our marriage! Thank you, Lauryn!"

Jeff and Allyson Slade, Maryland


"I came into coaching with Lauryn perplexed because my partner to share the coaching commitment changed their mind just as we where about to start. And I was not sure I wanted to do a sex coaching series with “just myself.” Coming to the end of the 8 calls coaching commitment with Lauryn, I am extremely grateful, I gave My Precious Singular Self this experience. I truly recommend it to everyone to go though a longer sex/erotic coaching commitment.  And I warmly recommend you to have Lauryn as your coach.  Thanks to the sanctified space Lauryn held for me I now have a concrete, clear Practice Container for my self-love. It will forever be with me. My Practice Container addresses events related to my pelvic health from the birth of my child (14 years ago) as well as from my own time in the womb. The practices gives concrete ways for transformation to happen. Lauryn has a wealth of knowledge in areas of female health, herbalism, yoni steams and post-partum issues, so she was a perfect coach for me in my journey.  Thank you Lauryn!"

Marina Kronkvist, Founder of Ritual Play, Finland

"I cannot say enough good things about my time working and co-creating with Lauryn. When I compare where I was when we 1st connected, to where I am now, the difference is like day and night. She was able to intuit exactly what was needed during each session, while giving me plenty of space and listening, so I could take charge in empowering myself in all areas of my life, not just my own personal sexuality. She has mastered a balance between gentleness and firmness. Listening and speaking. Giving space and leaning in. She is kind and loving, yet leaves no room for excuses or bullshit.

I am honored to have her presence and grace in my life and truly believe and know that my time with her has completely changed me as a woman and as a soul! I am unafraid to be myself, I am ok now with my quirks and flaws and have been able to catch myself when I start playing into the "blame game" in relationship, which is huge for me!

Thank you Lauryn for honoring your calling and for honoring me and my Divine Feminine soul. You are a wonderful and magical being that this Planet is lucky to have!"

Jenn Cunningham, Jewelry Designer & Oracle Reader, Seattle


"As your coach, Lauryn will act as a mirror of your highest and most empowered self, guiding your attention to your own strengths and shedding light on your innermost desires. Not only will she help you lift yourself up, but she will give practical tools for you to love and nourish the parts of yourself that you might perceive don’t fit into this most kickass, loving and courageous version of yourself. She listens intently, and comes with a massive toolkit of practical, spiritual, and personal exercises that will help you to embody and integrate the work you do together. Like any good carpenter, she is tuned into the needs of the situation and with a level of intuitive skill that borders on the magical, chooses the tool appropriate for what has presented itself. Lauryn holistically weaves life’s dimensions together in her offerings - you are reminded that the interpersonal is not separate from the spiritual. As you bring light and healing to various aspects on your being you will be strongly encouraged to take strides in sharing your gifts with the world, so I recommend only working with Lauryn if you are ready to take action steps towards your dreams. As I come to the end of my 12 week journey with Lauryn I can see a multitude of positive changes in my ability to care for myself as well as concrete ways my progress has manifested in the world around me and in my work. I’m sad to complete our journey together but feel that I now am ready to be the carpenter, and am fully equipped with the tools to lovingly mother and coach myself."

Hanah Gease,Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist, New Zealand 

"From the first moment I met Lauryn and heard  she was a coach I knew I wanted to work with her! I was so impressed by her warmth, level headedness, wisdom and clarity and I received the benefit of that and more in our sessions. She was so helpful in giving strong sisterly advice on how set clear and respectful boundaries and tune into our deepest selves. Her simple and fun exercises helped me attune to new levels  of consciousness around my body and my intuition and I'm grateful for her encouragement, support and radiant positive energy that she brought to every session."

Dominque Didinal, Yoga/Meditation Instructor & Writer, Mexico