Heart Centered Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

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3 Or 6 Month Soul Evolution Coaching & Embodiment Mentorship Program

Get the Most out of Life

Heart Centered Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

Embody The True YOU

3 or 6 Month Mentorship

Get the Most out of Life

What is your HIGHEST, BEST & MOST BEAUTIFUL vision for your Magical life & Divine Purpose?


I invite you right now to visualize your life of abundance, where you are sharing your gifts & joy with the world… 


Where you can LIVE your best life of purpose! 

Well let's get to it then, shall we?

You may have been feeling:


Low Energy




Lacking clarity & direction

Living on Repeat

Struggling in relationships

Super sensitive


Lonewolf status

Disconnected from yourself & others

Detached from Nature & Spirit

Consumed by technology

Imbalanced in your life

Missing Self-care


I feel you love,

I have been there too! 

Are you ready to know yourself and love yourself on all levels?

Are you ready to face your shadows and realize the magnitude of the medicine that you carry from your life experiences?

Are you ready to go through a deep healing and purification process, where you heal past traumas and free your inner-child?

Are you ready to release fear and depression, by choosing LOVE and EXPRESSION?

Would you like to feel more embodied, playful & sensual as you dance your way through reality?

I have created my signature EMBODY THE TRUE YOU MENTORSHIP just for you!

In this program, I combine a unique blend of therapy, coaching, energy healing and so much more, to assist you in your personal evolution and metamorphosis. This journey is to support you in forgiveness, self-love, following your hearts true calling, and living your best life of purpose, while being of service for the greater good of all. This is all so you can live a meaningful life of inspiration that lights you up from the inside!

We cover everything from:

Limiting beliefs, to mindset, to embodiment- so you can feel the shifts on a cellular level 

→Inner-child work

→Balancing masculine & feminine energies within


→Healing relationships

→Health habits

→Archetypal Energies

→Connecting with a higher power

→Uncovering your souls true calling

→How to start/grow your business

→How to rewild yourself and heal through your connection to nature

→Healthy boundaries

→Embodiment practices

→Energy healing & practical tools so you can be your own guru & healer.


 As you learn to deepen your connection to your body's wisdom and intuition, you will begin to learn to trust yourself and connect with your higher consciousness and divine purpose.

We will meet once a week for 90 minutes, in a one-on-one alchemical container for either 3 or 6 months.


  • The Spiritual Seeker

  • New to Spirituality

  • Feeling Stuck or Lost on Your Path

  • Seeking Nurturing, Caring Support 

  • Ready to Live Your Dream Life

  • Ready to Be of Service

  • Open-minded, Curious

  • You Want To Rewild Yourself

  • Craving A More Intentional Life

  • Needing Tools for Self-Healing & Personal Growth

  • Desire to Be Challenged in A Fun and Loving Way

  • Wishing For Accountability or To Be Witnessed

  • Love to Grow & Learn Knew Things

  • Committed to Personal Growth

  • Ready to Evolve & Shift Into Your Next Level

  • You Want To Work with Someone You Can Laugh With and Be Excited to See Each Week

  • Want to Live an Empowered Life

  • Searching For Greater Meaning & Depth in Your Life

  • You Love the WOO-WOO ;)

  • Stuck in Old Patterns BUT Know It is Time and Will Do Whatever it Takes To Change

  • Ready to Invest in Yourself and Live Your Best Life!